About Blackbird

Renessa Keteldijk                                                      Renessa's profile picture
ounder and Creator of Blackbird.

Personal Profile
Renessa is 30 year old, born and raised in Curacao (former Dutch Caribbean). At a young aged she realised that she liked creating things.

Years later, in 2015 she moved to Amsterdam, this gave her more freedom to discover herself. This is where first fashion designs were realized. The year after she moved to London where she further deployed towards being a fashion creator focussed on swimsuits and bikini's.

After moving back to the Netherlands in 2018, Blackbird has remained an exclusive and sustainable brand that offers a variety of Shopping bags next to the swimsuits and Bikini's. All products are handmade.

How Blackbird started

Remembering the creation of her first fashion piece;
It was back at Renessa's home Caribbean island Curacao, early 2015. Designing a two piecedress.

At the time she had no sewing experience. She simply went into a local fabric shop and asked her mom for some guidance on how to work with her sewing machine.

Back then this was a major accomplishment, she wore it to a party and from that point exploring the world of creating fashion bit by bit, finding her way.

It was in the summer of 2016, that she got an epiphany to create swimsuits for her holiday in Greece. Even more so, as she used to get frustrated that the swimsuits she bought in a typical store, were never a perfect fit.

The initial response was big and she decided to design the first Blackbird swimsuit line, that launched in April 2017.

Blackbird pieces are handmade in a 'slow fashion' matter.
Blackbird swimsuits can be custom made, finding your perfect fit.
With launching a limited collection every season, Blackbird remains an exclusive brand.

*all materials are sourced locally in the light of sustainability.